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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ureteric Colic and Homoeopathy

Ureteric colic is a pain due to the passage of a stone through the ureter.
Clinical Picture
Ureteric colic starts suddenly with pain in the loin. The pain radiates from the affected ureter to the front of the abdomen and down to the groin.  Occasionally it can also radiate into the testicle in a man and to the labia in a woman.
The degree of pain is very severe. The patient becomes very restless and uncomfortable and may want to lick the room. Typically each episode may last for half to one hour.  It is often spasmodic and tends to come and go with an hour or two between attacks.  The pain is caused by the stone passing down the ureter or due to its trial to pass down.
The pain is so intense that the patient may have nausea and vomiting. There may be a rise in temperature if there is an associated urinary tract infection.The stone lodged in the very lowest part of the ureter may cause marked urgency to pass urine. Anatomically, the last 02 cms of ureter are in the bladder wall. The irritation produced by the stone in the bladder wall causes the urgency to urinate.
Clinical Examination
Abdominal examination may be unremarkable. There may be no tenderness except the severe pain. Tenderness is elicited in the presence of infection along with raised temperature.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cerebral palsy and Homoeopathy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent, bilateral, symmetrical, nonprogressive disorders associated with developmental brain injuries leading to motor dysfunction caused by birth trauma or hypoxia occurring during foetal development, birth, or shortly after birth.
The clinical picture may present with spasticity, involuntary movements, unsteadiness in walking, convulsions, visual and auditory problems, speech difficulties, psychological problems, learning disabilities and orthopaedic problems.
Cerebral Palsy occurs due to insult or damage to immature brain. The exact cause is sometimes difficult to determine but it can be grouped as below-
1-     Antenatal causes
Infections in mother like rubella, herpes, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis etc.
2-     Perinatal causes
Birth injury or hypoxia occurring during birth or after birth. Preterm children and low birth weight (<1.5 gm) have increased risk.
3-     Post natal causes
Injury to brain, meningitis, encephalitis and jaundice.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Homoeopathy

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is chronic multisystem disease of unknown origin, causing nonsuppurative arthritis (Sycosis) of peripheral joints with symmetrical distribution (Psora), producing pain (Psora/ Syphilis) , swelling (Psora/ Sycosis), stiffness (Psora/ Sycosis) and loss of function (Psora/ Syphilis).
The disease usually begins in middle age, more in females, but no age or sex is immune to it.
Etiology is still unknown.
There are following schools of thought-
1-      Genetic predisposition- RA is common in HLADR 4 or HLADR 1 positive persons (Syphilis).
2-      Infective theory- Mycobacteria, Paravoviruses, Retroviruses, Borrelia, Epstein Barr Virus, Mycoplasma as well as numerous others (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis).
3-      Autoimmune theory- T cells play the pivotal role in destructive RA by producing IgM (Psora/ Syphilis).

Retinal Detachment and Homoeopathy

I have a few cases of retinal detachment running into the OPD of our hospital. I have seen a marvelous role of Naphthalinum in this line. The potency most frequently used in these cases is 3x, the next one being 30c. some other remedies of choice have been Digitalis, Aur met, Jaborandi and Ruta. To understand it well, we should make a study on retinal detachment first.
Retinal detachment refers to the movement of the retina away from the inner wall of the eyeball, resulting in a sudden defect in vision. Persons suffering from diabetes have a high incidence of developing retinal disease.
Retinal detachment is movement of the transparent sensory part of the retina away from the outer pigmented layer of the retina. In other words, It is the separation of the sensory retina (photoreceptors and inner tissues up the nerve fiber layer) from the retinal pigment epithelial layer.
There are three layers of the eyeball. The outer, tough, white sclera. Lining the sclera is the choroid, a thin membrane that supplies nutrients to part of the retina. The innermost layer is the retina.
The retina is the light-sensitive membrane that receives images and transmits them to the brain. It is made up of several layers. One layer contains the photoreceptors. The photoreceptors, the rods and cones, send the visual message to the brain. Between the photoreceptor layer (also called the sensory layer) and the choroid is the pigmented epithelium.
The vitreous is a clear gel-like substance that fills up most of the inner space of the eyeball. It lies behind the lens and is in contact with the retina. A retinal detachment occurs between the two outermost layers of the retina–the photoreceptor layer and the outermost pigmented epithelium. Because the choroid supplies the photoreceptors with nutrients, a detachment can basically starve the photoreceptors. If a detachment is not repaired within 24-72 hours, permanent damage may occur.

Nocturnal and Homoeopathy

Enuresis is the involuntary passage of urine. It may be of three types.
1-      Nocturnal- usually occurs in first third of sleep, frequently during REM sleep; child may recall a dream with voiding.
2-      Diurnal- more frequent in girls and rarely after age 9 yr; voiding occurs in early afternoon on school days.
3-      Combined- nocturnal and diurnal enuresis.
Nocturnal enuresis or bed wetting is a form of parasomnia, characterized by the voluntary or involuntary repeated discharge of urine into clothes or bed in night after a developmental age when bladder control should be established. Sleep enuresis is only considered significant after the age of five years with a minimum of two events per week.
The exact causes of Nocturnal Enuresis are not clear. Some modalities in this regard are postulated as below-
1.       Psychological problems- rigid toilet training, parent's negative attitudes towards child's behaviour, stressful life events as well as having anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and mental retardation etc.
2.       Hormonal imbalance- due to deficient generation of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) and hyposecretion of arginine vasopressin (AVP).
3.       Failure to become conscious bladder fullness.
4.       Bladder problems- weakness of the muscles of the bladder and small bladder.
5.       Intricacy with urinary system or neurological system.
6.       Cauda equina lesions.
7.       Urinary tract infection.
8.       Constipation.
9.       Diabetes.
10.   Epilepsy.
11.   Sleep apnea.
12.   Genetic factors- Nocturnal Enuresis tends to run in families.

Osteoarthritis and Homoeopathy

Osteoarthritis is a disease which characterizes a state of pathological imbalance, consisting of degenerative (Syphilis) as well as reparative processes, involving the whole joint and its component parts, with secondary inflammatory changes (Psora/ Sycosis), especially in the synovium, but also in the articular cartilage.
OA is classified as primary or idiopathic and secondary to metabolic variations, anatomic abnormalities, trauma, or inflammatory joint conditions.
Peripheral joints and spinal apophyseal joints as well as intervertebral joints are involved.
It may be-
·         Generalized osteoarthritis (Psora/ Syphilis/ Sycosis)
·         Erosive inflammatory osteoarthritis (Syphilis/ Sycosis)
·         Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (Psora/ Sycosis)
·         Chondromalacia patellae (Psora/ Syphilis)
·         Hereditary (Syphilis)
It may be caused by-
·         Trauma, whether acute or chronic (occupational, sports). (Causa occasionalis)
·         Underlying joint disorders like local (fracture, infection) or diffuse (rheumatoid arthritis). (Causa occasionalis/ Psora/ Sycosis)
·         Systemic metabolic or endocrine disorders like ochronosis (alkaptonuria), Wilson disease, Hemochromatosis, Kashin-Bek disease, Acromegaly or Hyperparathyroidism. (Psora/ Sycosis)
·         Crystal deposition disease like Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (pseudogout), basic calcium phosphate (hydroxyapatite-octacalcium phosphate-tricalcium phosphate) or Monosodium urate monohydrate (gout). (Psora)
·         Neuropathic disorders (Charcot joints) like Tabes dorsalis, Diabetes mellitus or Intra-articular  corticosteroid overuse. (Psora/ Syphilis)
·         Miscellaneous like Bone dysplasia (multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, achondroplasia) or Frostbite. (Psora/ Syphilis/ Sycosis)

Hiccoughs and Homoeopathy

© Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma M.D. (Homoeopathy)
Dr. Reena Rawat B.H.M.S.
Dr. Nancy Rastogi B.P.T., M.I.A.P.
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Hiccough, singultus or hiccup is the state of having intermittent reflex spasm of the diaphragm, accompanied by a rapid closure of the glottis during an inspiratory effort, producing an audible sound.
Hiccup is a disorder of diaphragmatic movement, produced by an extraordinary type of breathing movement involving a sudden inspiration due to an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm and synchronous clonic spasm of intercostal muscles accompanied by closure of the glottis of the larynx.  Usually only one hemidiaphragm is involved, mostly left.
Acute hiccoughs are due to sudden excitement, emotion, gastric distention, oesophageal obstruction etc.

These are also called chronic hiccups and have a number of causes and may be subcategorized into two groups-
Prolonged- more than 48 hours.
Intractable- more than 1 month.
1.       Unknown
Psychogenic causes
1.       Conversion disorders
2.       Fear, shock and excitement
3.       Hysteria
4.       Malingering
5.       Personality disorders
6.       Psychogenic vomiting
7.       Stress
1.       Abdominal aortic aneurysm
2.       Achalasia
3.       Appendicitis
4.       Cancer
5.       Cancer
6.       Candida esophagitis
7.       Carcinoma
8.       Cholecystitis
9.       Cholelithiasis
10.   Gastric distention
11.   Gastric lesions
12.   Hepatic lesions
13.   Hepatitis
14.   Hepatoma
15.   Inflammatory bowel disease
16.   Obstruction
17.   Oesophageal lesions
18.   Pancreatic lesions
19.   Pancreatitis
20.   Pseudocysts
21.   Reflux esophagitis
22.   Ulcer
Mediastinal and other thoracic lesions
1.       Aortic aneurysm
2.       Lung cancer
3.       Mediastinal adenopathy
4.       Myocardial infarction
5.       Pneumonia
6.       Tuberculosis
Central nervous system
1.       Arteriovenous malformations
2.       Congenital malformations
3.       Epilepsy
4.       Infection- Meningitis and encephalitis
5.       Malignancies- Secondaries and Brain tumours
6.       Motion sickness
7.       Multiple sclerosis
8.       Parkinson disease
9.       Raised Intracranial tension
10.   Stroke- CVA, Subarachnoid hemorrhage
11.   Trauma
12.   Vascular lesions
13.   Ventriculoperitoneal shunt
Diaphragmatic irritation
1.       Empyema
2.       Eventration
3.       Hepatomegaly
4.       Hiatus hernia
5.       MI
6.       Pericarditis
7.       Peritonitis
8.       Pneumonia
9.       Splenomegaly
10.   Subphrenic abscess
11.   Tumors
Ear, nose, and throat disorders
1.       Goiter
2.       Irritation of auditory canal
3.       Laryngitis
4.       Pharyngitis
5.       Retropharyngeal/peritonsillar abscess
6.       Tumor
Vagus nerve irritation
1.       Abdominal branches - Tumors, gastric distension, peptic ulcer, Acute aortic aneurysm, infection, organomegaly, inflammations (e.g. appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease)
2.       Auricular branches - Foreign body, hairs
3.       Meningeal branches - Meningitis, glaucoma
4.       Pharyngeal branches – Pharyngitis
5.       Recurrent laryngeal nerve - Mass lesions in neck, goiter, laryngitis
6.       Thoracic branches - Infection, tumors, reflux oesophagitis, MI, asthma, trauma, thoracic aortic aneurysm, pacemaker- complications
Procedure/ Surgery/Anesthesia related
1.       Craniotomy
2.       Hyperextension of neck - Stretching phrenic nerve roots
3.       Laparotomy
4.       Manipulation of diaphragm or stomach
5.       Thoracotomy
1.       Fever
2.       Gout
3.       Hyperglycemia
4.       Hypocalcemia
5.       Hypocarbia
6.       Hypokalemia
7.       Hyponatremia
8.       Uremia
1.       Addison's disease
2.       Diabetes
3.       Thyrotoxicosis
1.       Alpha methyldopa
2.       Antibiotics
3.       Benzodiazepines
4.       Chemotherapeutic agents
5.       Dexamethasone
6.       Digoxin
7.       Generalized anesthesia
8.       NSAID
9.       Short-acting barbiturates
1.       Anxiety
2.       Coma & stupor
3.       Convulsions
4.       Dizziness & giddiness
5.       Hallucinations
6.       Hyperhidrosis
7.       Malaise & fatigue
8.       Pyrexia of unknown origin
9.       Sleep disturbances
10.   Syncope & collapse
Detailed neurologic examination, CBC, serum creatinine, liver function tests, chest radiograph, CT of the head, chest, and abdomen, echocardiography, bronchoscopy, chest fluoroscopy and upper endoscopy.
1-      Irritation of the nasopharynx by tongue traction, lifting the uvula with a spoon, catheter stimulation of the nasopharynx, or swallowing one table spoon full of dry granulated sugar.
2-      Interruption of the respiratory cycle by breath holding, Valsalva manoeuvre, sneezing, gasping or fright stimulus, or rebreathing into a bag.
3-      Stimulation of the vagus and carotid massage.
4-      Irritation of the diaphragm by holding knees to chest or by continuous positive airway pressure during mechanical ventilation.
5-      Relief of gastric distension by belching or insertion of a nasogastric tube.
Plan of Treatment of Hiccups
Homoeopathic remedies for Hiccough
acet-ac. Acon. acon-l. aegle-f. Aeth. aether Agar. agar-ph. Agn. alco. all-c. Alum. alum-p. alum-sil. ambr. am-c. aml-ns. AM-M. amyg. anac. androc. ang. ant-c. ant-t. apis apoc. apom. arge-pl. arg-met. Arg-n. arizon-l. Arn. ARS.ars-h. ARS-I. ars-s-f. arund. asaf. asar. aur. aur-ar. aur-i. aur-s. Bar-c. Bar-i. bar-m. bar-s. Bell. benz-ac. erb. bism. bond. borx.bov. brom. Bry. bufo Caj. calad. Calc. calc-f. calc-i. calc-sil. calen. camph. cann-s. canth. caps. carb-ac. Carb-an. carbn-s. carb-v. card-b. carl. castm. caust. Cham. chel. Chin. chinin-ar. Chinin-s. Chlf. CIC. Cimx. cina cinch. cinnm. cob. coca cocain. Cocc. Coff. colch. coloc. con. convo-s. cop. crot-h. crot-t. Cupr. Cupr-s. cur. CYCL. der. dig. Dios. Dros. dulc. eug. Euph. euphr. eup-per. ferr-p. fil. gamb. GELS. Gins. gnaph. Graph. grat. ham. hell. hell-o. hep. hura hydr. Hydr-ac. HYOS. IGN. indg. IOD. Ip. jab. Jatr-c. jug-r. kali-ar. Kali-bi. Kali-br. kali-c. Kali-i. kali-m. kali-n. kali-s. kali-sil. kali-sula. Kreos. Lac-e. Lach. lac-h. lachn. lat-m. Laur. led. Lob. lob-s. LYC. lyss.
mag-c. Mag-m. MAG-P. mand. Marr-vg. Med. meny. meph. MERC. Merc-c. merc-cy. merc-n. mez. mill. mit. Mosch. Mur-ac. narcot. narc-ps. nat-ar. NAT-AR. NAT-C. NAT-M. nat-s. NICC. nicc-met. nicot. nit-ac. nit-ac. NUX-M. NUX-V. nux-v. oci-sa. oena. ol-suc. Op. orig. ox-ac. ozone papin. Par. passi. pert-vc. petr. Ph-ac. Phos. phys. phyt. plat. plb. plect. positr. prot. Psor. ptel. Puls. RAN-B. ran-s. Rat. rhus-t. Ruta sabad. sabin. sal-fr. sal-fr. samb. Sang. sars. scut. SEC. sel. Sep. Sil. sin-n. Spong. Stann. Staph. STRAM. Stront-c. succ-xyz. Sul-ac. sul-i. Sulph. sumb. symph. TAB. Tarax. tarent. TEUCR.
thiam. thuj. til. tong. trif-p. tritic-vg. vanil. VERAT. Verat-v. Verb. wies. wye. Zinc. zinc-m. zinc-o. zinc-p. Zinc-val.
Repertory of Hiccoughs
ABDOMEN - COMPLAINTS of abdomen - accompanied by – hiccough borx.
ABDOMEN - DISTENSION - accompanied by – hiccough mag-p.
ABDOMEN - INFLAMMATION - Liver - accompanied by – hiccough Bell.
ABDOMEN - INFLAMMATION - Peritoneum - accompanied by – hiccough Hyos. Lyc.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - accompanied by – hiccough merc.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - cramping - accompanied by - hiccough hyos.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - hiccough, on - tearing pain plb.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - Liver - colic; gallstone - accompanied by – hiccough Chin.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - Sides - Flanks - hiccough; during - stitching pain borx.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - Sides - hiccough agg. - stitching pain bar-c.
BACK - HICCOUGH agg. teucr.
CHEST - HICCOUGH agg. am-m. stront-c. teucr.
CHEST - PAIN - Heart - Region of - hiccough agg. – burning agar.
CHEST - PAIN - hiccough agg. - stitching pain am-m.
CHEST - PAIN - hiccough agg. am-c. am-m. stront-c.
DREAMS - HICCOUGH; constant - relieve it; not able to pert-vc.
DREAMS - HICCOUGH; constant pert-vc.
EAR - HICCOUGH; after - agg. bell.
EAR - PAIN - hiccough agg. - pinching pain bell.
EAR - PAIN - hiccough agg. bell. tarent.
EXTREMITIES - CONVULSION - hiccough; after bell. cupr.
EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Toes - First - hiccoughs, from ph-ac.
EXTREMITIES - TENSION - hiccough; after con.
EYE - VOMITING - hiccough; and - agg. apis arn. asar. bry. chin. lyc. nux-v. puls. sep. sil. verat.
FEVER - SUCCESSION of stages - chill - followed by - heat - then perspiration - hiccough; then ars.
GENERALS - CONVULSIONS - epileptic - after epileptic convulsions; complaints – hiccough cic.
GENERALS - CONVULSIONS - hiccough; after cupr.
GENERALS - HICCOUGH agg. acon. AM-M. bell. borx. Bry. cic. cocc. cupr. Cycl. Hyos. Ign. lyc. mag-m. merc. nat-c. nux-m. Nux-v. par. puls. ran-b. ruta sars. spong. staph. stram. stront-c. sulph. Teucr.  verat. verb. zinc-val.
HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - accompanied by – hiccough hyos. lyss.
HEAD - HICCOUGH agg. bry.
HEAD - INFLAMMATION - Meninges - accompanied by – hiccough Arn.
HEAD - MOTIONS of head - convulsive - hiccough, after bell.
HEAD - PAIN - accompanied by – hiccough aeth.
HEAD - PAIN - Forehead - hiccough agg. - pressing pain Bry.
HEAD - PAIN - hiccough - after - dull pain con.
HEAD - PAIN - hiccough - during - pressing pain Bry.
HEARING - IMPAIRED - hiccough; after bell.
MIND - MOROSE - hiccough; during Agn.
MIND - RESTLESSNESS - night - hiccough; with Stram.
MIND - SADNESS - hiccough; with ruta
MIND - SHRIEKING - hiccough; with cic.
MIND - WEEPING - hiccough; from bell.
MOUTH - CONSTRICTION - accompanied by – hiccough cupr.
RECTUM - CHOLERA - accompanied by – hiccough Aeth. Arg-n. Cic. Cupr. Mag-p. Ph-ac. verat.
RECTUM - DIARRHEA - accompanied by – hiccough cinnm. Verat.
RESPIRATION - DIFFICULT - hiccoughs; interrupted by aeth.
RESPIRATION - HICCOUGHING respiration nux-v.
SLEEP - SLEEPLESSNESS - hiccough; with Nux-v.
SLEEP - YAWNING - hiccough, with aml-ns. carl. caust. cocc. crot-t. mag-c. nat-m.
STOMACH - CANCER - accompanied by – hiccough Carb-an.
STOMACH - COMPLAINTS of the stomach - accompanied by – hiccough Kali-bi.
STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS - hiccough; after ars.
STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS; TYPE OF - empty - alternating with – hiccough agar.
STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS; TYPE OF - empty - evening - hiccough; during sulph.
STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS; TYPE OF - hiccough, like - dinner; after carb-an. plat.
STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS; TYPE OF - hiccough, like - eating; after cycl.
STOMACH - ERUCTATIONS; TYPE OF - hiccough, like agar. ant-t. bell. calc. canth. carb-an. Cupr. Cycl. ham. Ign. lach. meph. merc. mez. plat. ran-b. sars. staph. sulph.
STOMACH - HEARTBURN - hiccough; during Nux-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by – convulsions bell. CIC. Cupr. HYOS. Ran-b. Stram.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by - Epigastrium; blows at teucr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by – eructations ant-c. Caj. chin. cic. cycl. dios. ign. nux-v. wye.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by - Eyes; red discoloration of apis arn. asar. bry. chin. lyc. nux-v. puls. sep. sil. verat.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by – perspiration bell.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by - saliva; profuse Lob.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by - Spine; complaints of Stram.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by - stretch; impulse to aml-ns.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - accompanied by - Tongue - white discoloration of the tongue Nicc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - afternoon - 13 h bov. Verat-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - afternoon - 14 h tarent. Verat-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - afternoon - 15 h ptel.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – afternoon agar. alum. am-c. am-m. ars. bar-c. bov. canth. carb-v. graph. hyos. Ign. lyc. merc. mur-ac. nux-v. phos. sep. staph. sulph. vanil. zinc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - alcoholic drinks; after RAN-B. sul-ac.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - alternating with – eructations agar. bell. Bry. sep. wye.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - back; with pain in teucr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - bed agg.; in lachn. nat-m. nicc. sil. Sulph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - bread and butter agg. nat-s.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - breakfast agg.; after carl. tarent. zinc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - carried; when Kreos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - children; in borx. Ign. Ip. spong.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - chill – after am-c. ars.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - chill – during ars.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – chronic stram. Zinc-val.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - coffee - amel. hydr-ac.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - cold drinks agg.; after ars. lac-h. puls.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - cold; after taking a phos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - continued - pregnancy agg.; during op.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - continued - two years almost uninterrupted, eighteen to twenty times a  inute; since Nicc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – continued caust. merc-cy. verat-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – convulsive aeth. ars. bell. GELS. Mag-p. nux-v. Ran-b. stram. tab. wies.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - cough – after ang. TAB. trif-p.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - cough - during - agg. ang. lach. Puls. tab.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – daytime nit-ac. petr. phos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - dinner - after - agg. alum. am-m. arn. bov. carb-ac. carb-v. cob. dulc. graph. grat. hyos. indg. Mag-m. Mur-ac. nat-c. Phos. sars. Teucr. tong.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - dinner – before mag-m. Mur-ac. nux-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - dinner - during - agg. cycl. grat. Mag-m. nat-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - drinking - after - agg. acon. Ign. lach. merc-c. Nux-v. Puls. sul-ac. thuj.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - drinking - after - cold water - agg. thuj.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - drinking - after - water - agg. alum. ign. merc-c. thuj.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - drunkards; in Hyos. Ran-b. sul-ac.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - during - agg. Mag-m. teucr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - eating - after - agg. acon. alum-p. Alum. am-m. arn. ars-s-f. ars. bar-c. bell. borx. bov. Bry. Carb-an. carb-v. carl. cob. Cocc. con. cop. Cycl. fil. Graph. ham. hep. hura HYOS. Ign.  Lac-e. lyc. mag-m. merc. nat-ar. nat-c. nat-m. nat-s. Nux-v. Par. phos. prot. psor. rat. sal-fr. samb. sars. Sep. sil. stann. staph. sulph. symph. Teucr. thuj. verat. zinc-p. zinc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - eating - before - agg. bov. Phos. sil.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - eating - overeating agg.; after cycl. ign. nux-v. puls.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - eating - while - agg. Cycl. eug. lac-h. mag-m. merc. nat-c. samb. teucr. tritic-vg.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - emotions; after Ign.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - eructations – after Agar. alum. bry. carb-an. cycl. ox-ac. rhus-t. sep. til.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - eructations - amel. carb-an. ham. zinc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - eructations - ineffectual; after cocc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - evening - 17-20 h phys.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - evening - 18 h ham. nat-c. sars.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - evening - 18.30 h mag-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - evening - bed agg.; in nat-m. nicc. sil. sulph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - evening - fasting agg. sulph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - evening - followed by drowsiness lob.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – evening aeth. alum. coff. gels. graph. ign. kali-bi. Kali-i. lach. Lob. mag-c. nat-c. nat-s. NICC. petr. rhus-t. sars. sep. sil. staph. sulph. vanil. Zinc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - exertion agg.; after calc. carb-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - fever – after ars. lach.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - fever – before calc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - fever - during - agg. ars. crot-h. Mag-p.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - fever - hour when the fever ought to come; at the ARS.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - flatulence agg. ruta
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - followed by – asthma cupr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - followed by - Head - convulsions of head bell.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - followed by – intussusception plb.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - followed by – nausea cupr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - followed by - Stomach; pain in papin.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - followed by – vomiting jab.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - food - fat, from jug-r.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - forenoon - 11 h ox-ac.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - forenoon - eating; after bar-c. nat-s.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – forenoon am-c. ars. bar-c. mag-c. merc. mur-ac. nux-v. phos. vanil. zinc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – frequent ars. cina merc. prot. ran-b. staph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - fruit; after cold ars. Puls.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – greasy Lyc. stront-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – hysterical gels. Ign. mosch. nux-m. zinc-val.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – incomplete arn. caust. dig. mag-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - inspiration agg. ang.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - intermittent – after Hyos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – intermittent caust.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - lasting - seconds; a few prot.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - laughing agg. calc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – loud cic. ign. ozone
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - menses; after stram.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - morning - fasting agg. kali-n. sulph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - morning - rising agg.; after gamb. graph. mag-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – morning acon. all-c. apoc. cann-s. kali-n. spong. verat.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - motion agg. carb-v. merc-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - night - midnight – before kali-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - night – midnight bell. hyos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - night - sleep agg.; during puls.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - night - urination, with involuntary hyos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – night apoc. ars. bell. carb-an. HYOS. merc-c. merc. puls. sul-ac. vanil.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – noon kali-c. sil. sulph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - nursing the child agg.; after borx. HYOS. stram. teucr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - operation, after abdominal Hyos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – painful Acon. Am-m. borx. carb-v. Cimx. hyos. mag-m. mag-p. nat-c. Nicc. Phos. Rat. stront-c. Sul-ac. sulph. tab. teucr. Verat-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – paroxysmal ign.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - periodical - once a day; at least prot.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – periodical ars.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - perspiration, after ars.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - pork, after ham.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - pregnancy agg.; during Cycl. Op. Puls.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - quinine; after Nat-m.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - reading aloud, while cycl.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - retching, with jatr-c. mag-p. merc. nux-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - sitting up in bed agg. Kreos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - sleep agg.; during calc. cina ign. Merc-c. puls.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - smoking - after - agg. ant-c. arg-met. calc. calen. Ign. ip. puls. sel.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - smoking - agg. - eating; before sel.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - smoking - agg. ambr. ant-c. arg-met. calad. Ign. ip. kali-br. lach. psor. Puls. ruta Sang. scut. sel. sep. stann. Staph. sul-ac. verat.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - soup agg. alum. symph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – spasmodic ars. Bell. cic. Nux-v. op. Puls. ran-b. SEC. Stram. teucr. Verat.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - spasms – before bell. cupr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - spasms - Esophagus, of verat-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - suffocative - accompanied by - Abdomen; cramping pain in verat.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - supper - after - agg. alum. cob. coca con. lyc. sep. staph.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - supper - beginning of; at con.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - tea; after lach.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - thinking about it, on ox-ac.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - typhoid fever; during mag-p. phos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - unconscious, when cupr.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - urination agg.; during hyos.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - vexation; with agn.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – violent am-c. Am-m. calc-f. chinin-s. Cic. Cycl. hyos. lob. Lyc. mag-m. Mag-p. Merc-c. mur-ac. nat-c. NAT-M. NICC. Nux-v. petr. Puls. ran-b. rat. STRAM. stront-c. sul-ac. teucr. vanil. verat-v. verat. zinc.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - vomiting – after bism. bry. jatr-c. narcot. op. verat-v. VERAT.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - vomiting – before  cupr. jab. jatr-c. mag-m.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - vomiting - ending in vomiting jab.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - vomiting – fever lach.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - vomiting – while bell. Bry. cupr. jatr-c. lach. mag-p. merc-c. merc. nux-v. phos. ruta VERAT.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - walking agg.; after carb-v.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - warm - drinks - agg. stram. Verat.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - warm - drinks - amel. mag-p.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH – winter nit-ac.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - yawning - after - agg. aml-ns. mag-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - yawning - agg. aml-ns. carl. cocc. cycl. mag-c.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - yawning – before caust.
STOMACH - HICCOUGH - yellow fever; during ars-h.
STOMACH – HICCOUGH acet-ac. acon-l. acon. aegle-f. aeth. aether agar-ph. Agar. agn. alco. all-c. alum-p. alum-sil. Alum. am-c. AM-M. ambr. aml-ns. amyg. anac. androc. ang. ant-c. ant-t. apom. arg-met. Arg-n. arge-pl. arizon-l. Arn. ars-h. ARS-I. ARS. arund. asaf. asar. aur-ar. aur-i. aur-s. aur. Bar-c. Bar-i. bar-m. bar-s. Bell. benz-ac. berb. bism. bond. borx. bov. brom. Bry. bufo caj. calad. calc-f. calc-i. calc-sil. Calc. camph. cann-s. canth. caps. carb-an. carb-v. carbn-s. card-b. carl. castm. caust. Cham.chel. Chin. chinin-ar. Chinin-s. Chlf. CIC. cimx. cina cinch. cinnm. cob. cocain. Cocc. Coff. colch. coloc. con. convo-s. crot-h. crot-t. Cupr-s. cupr. cur. CYCL. der. dig. Dios. Dros. dulc. eug. eup-per. Euph. euphr. ferr-p. Gels. Gins. gnaph. graph. grat. ham. hell-o. hell. hep. Hydr-ac. hydr. HYOS. IGN. indg. IOD. Ip. jab. Jatr-c. jug-r. kali-ar. kali-bi. Kali-br. kali-c. kali-i. kali-m. kali-n. kali-s. kali-sil. kali-sula. Kreos. Lac-e. Lach. lat-m. Laur. led. lob-s. lob. LYC. lyss. mag-c. Mag-m. MAG-P. mand. Marr-vg. Med. meny. merc-c. merc-cy. merc-n. MERC. mez. mill. mit. morph. Mosch. mur-ac. narc-ps. narcot. NAT-AR. NAT-C. NAT-M. nat-s. nicc-met. NICC. nicot. nit-ac. NUX-M. NUX-V. oci-sa. oena. ol-suc. Op. orig. ox-ac. papin. Par. passi. petr. Phos. phys. phyt. plat. plb. plect. positr. Psor. Puls. Ran-b. ran-s. rat. rhus-t. Ruta sabad. sabin. sal-fr. samb. sars. scut. SEC. sel. Sep. sil. sin-n. Spong. Stann. Staph. STRAM. Stront-c. succ-xyz. Sul-ac. sul-i. sulph. sumb. symph. tab. Tarax. tarent. TEUCR. thiam. thuj. trif-p. tritic-vg. vanil. Verat-v. Verat. Verb. wye. zinc-m. zinc-o. zinc-val. zinc.
STOMACH - INFLAMMATION - accompanied by - hiccough hyos.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - accompanied by – hiccough ars. bry. sep.
STOMACH - NAUSEA - hiccough; with bry. cupr. lach. merc-c. ruta
STOMACH - PAIN - accompanied by – hiccough mag-m. Sil.
STOMACH - PAIN - hiccough, from incomplete – cramping mag-c.
STOMACH - VOMITING - alternating with – hiccough phos.
STOMACH - VOMITING - hiccough; after cupr. jatr-c.
THROAT - ROUGHNESS - hiccough agg. borx.
VISION - VOMITING - hiccough agg.; or apis arn. asar. bry. chin. lyc. nux-v. puls. sep. sil. verat.
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